Composers, ‘Movements II C’, 4’25”, dance video directed by Mary McIntyre/TONN danceworks, Belfast School of Art UK  — October 15 2017

The first in a series of contemporary dance works produced by TONN Recordings, specially choreographed for synth.

Recording artists, ‘Moonlight’ 3’52”, song released on Ghostly International — 2017

It is an evocative synth reverie. Liz Wendelbo’s voice glides above a Bossa Nova beat — romantic, hypnotic, like a strange recollection or a surrealist film — singing of moonlit dances and distant landscapes. Originally released as a split 7inch vinyl with Chris und Tina by Electronic Sound magazine UK.

Performing artists, Skanu Mezs Festival, Riga Latvia — April 22 2017

Experimental audio visual festival.

Group Show, What Pipeline Gallery Detroit — January 22 to February 22 2017

Group show ‘Eric Schmid is an idiot’, photograph and live experimental electronics.

Performing artists, ‘Movements II’  Tour of Midwest, Southwest & Europe — January to June 2017

32 Concert dates

Recording artists, ‘Movements II’ Cassette released on Ghostly International — January 2017

Part 2 of the ambient electronic piece Movements. The cassette is inspired by the idea of a cure for poison, or an antidote, which is what Theriac means.

Performing artists, Live video performance w/ Scott Kiernen at Roulette NY, Optics 0-0 Festival — November 3 2016

Multimedia festival that looks into the modalities of creation, production, and performance involving video based technologies.

Performing artists, ‘Topiary’ Tour of US & Europe — May to July 2017

30 Concerts dates

Recording artists, ‘Topiary’ album released on Ghostly International — June 2016

“We’ve always referred to our synths as elemental,” says Wendelbo. “Fire is what powers energy, voltage, and electricity. Electromagnetism is electric energy, like lightning in the sky. We control it with potentiometers and buttons; we shape it with filters and envelopes.”

Recording artists, ‘Movements’ , 35’, composition commissioned by National Center for the Arts, Grenoble and Ecole du Magasin — 2015

Recorded live at the Xeno & Oaklander analog synth studio in Brooklyn, the 35 minute piece was inspired by travel in space and time. Field recordings gleaned during their travels are mixed in. The work is largely situated around the use of the Serge Modular and the new Sequential Prophet 6. Synth guitar washes abound with spacious string hooks, ethereal vocals, shamanistic drums and arpeggios with echoes of early Philip Glass.

Performance and video projection, ‘Par Avion’ Live at the Kitchen NY — October 7 2014

For Synth Nights, Xeno & Oaklander performed an all analogue synth set accompanied by a projection of new Super 8 films by Liz Wendelbo.

Performing artists, ‘Par Avion’ Tour of US & Europe — August to November 2014

30 Concerts dates

Synth Workshop, ‘Women’s Synth Workshop’  The Kitchen NY — May 10 2014

The first event in a continuing series focused on inspiring women to learn about the technical aspects and ideas behind modular synthesis and experimental electronic music. Led by various prominent women in the field.

Review,  THE WIRE, full page — June 16 2015

“The minimal synth reveries of Xeno & Oaklander play games with temporal disclocation and paralell streams of meaning”

Recording artists, ‘Par Avion’ album released on Ghostly International — June 2015

The album’s title is a reference to postcards — it translates as “by plane”, and was used to mark airmail sent from exotic places. The songs are postcards of love for a cold age.

It’s an album-long ode to synesthesia. As singer Liz Wendelbo explains, “Sound makes me think of a scent, which makes me think of an image, which makes me think of a certain kind of light.”

ARTFORUM, ‘Top Ten’ — December 2012

Liz Wendelbo of Xeno & Oaklander writes about her Top 10 of 2012 in Minimal Electronics.

Performing / Recording artists, ‘Sets & Lights’ Live at the New Museum NY published by Playbutton — 2012

Limited-Edition Playbutton Wearable MP3 Player in Celebration of the New Museum Fifth Anniversary of the Get Weird Music Series.

Performing artists, ‘Sets & Lights’ Tour of US & Europe — 2011

Film Screening, ‘Opticks’ 16mm, 45’, Anthology Film Archive — 2011

Short films by Liz Wendelbo

Group show, ‘Musique Plastique’ Agnes b Gallery Paris — 2011

Video installation, photos, works on paper by Liz Wendelbo with music by Sean McBride

Art Review, ARTFORUM — March 11 2011


Solo show, ‘Opticks’ Microscope Gallery NY — November  to December 2011

Films, photographs, sculpture and works on paper.

Film Screening, Anthology Film Archive — 2011

‘Cold Cinema’ films by Liz Wendelbo with score by Sean McBride

Film screening and live performance, ‘Sets & Lights’ Live at the New Museum NY — 2011

Video Installation, ‘Opticks V-Rituals’, White Columns NY — May to July 2009

 It is number five of a large ongoing series of short films called ‘Opticks’.

Lecture, ‘Ideas in Art – analog synthesis, there is freedom in the minimum’ SVA NY — 2011

Guest lecturer.

Lecture, ‘Analog synthesis, there is freedom in the minimum’ University of Milwaukee — 2011

Guest lecturer.

Performing artists, ‘Sets & Lights’ Live at the New Museum NY — 2011

Recording artists, ‘Sets & Lights’ album released on Wierd Records — 2011

Xeno & Oaklander create a universe where technology is beautifully timeless, where electricity pulses with vigor and effortless finesse. The standard meaning of “ghosts of technology,” with its equally standard images of looming architecture and lifeless shells of machines, is rendered obsolete. 

Performing artists, ‘Sentinelle’  Tour of US & Europe — 2010

Recording artists, ‘Sentinelle’ album released on Wierd Records — 2009

Themes of paranoia and disaffection associated with the transformation felt during the industrial revolution (a stand-in for our contemporary digital malaise), as well as odes to the many gifts of its legacy – motion pictures, cameras, synthesizers, and voltage control, are traversed throughout the epic journey of this minimal electronic masterpiece, allowing the listener to gaze out of the frozen cold window onto the many radical paradigm shifts of the twentieth century, and is a true sonic portrait of this eminently fragile era in transition.

Film Screening, Anthology Film Archive — 2009

‘Opticks’ films by Liz Wendelbo with score by Sean McBride

Group show, ‘Carte Blanche’ Elizabeth Dee Gallery NY — 2007

Xeno & Oaklander performed live to video art by Liz Wendelbo

Video performance, Andrew Kreps Gallery NY — 2007

Xeno & Oakander performed live to video art by Liz Wendelbo

Performing artists, Live at SF Moma — 2006

Performing artists, ‘Vigils’ Tour of Europe — 2004

Recording artists, ‘Vigils’ album released on Xanten 2004 and re-released on Wierd Records 2010

Merging the cold, cinematic aesthetics of artist Liz Wendelbo with the architectural exactitude of Sean McBride (a.k.a. Martial Canterel), Xeno & Oaklander have been the sharpest spearheads of twenty-first-century minimal synth since their formation in 2004.